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IBM PureSystems Cut Costs and Increase Agility by Simplifying the IT Life Cycle

IBM PureSystems Cut Costs and Increase Agility by Simplifying the IT Life Cycle

This white paper discusses why converged systems, such as IBM PureSystems platforms, have the potential to radically simplify many aspects of the IT life cycle and deliver business value by accelerating time to market, improving application performance, and reducing the staff time needed for many routine ongoing management and support activities. It also provides several examples of how IBM customers are reinventing their IT life-cycle strategies using IBM PureSystems platforms.

Converged systems offer application development and IT operation teams a new level of pattern - based infrastructure design, middleware engineering, and operations management automation that is likely to transform the way many organizations procure, design, develop, deploy, manage, and support mission-critical applications and infrastructure across the IT life cycle. The experiences of IBM's early PureSystems customers indicate that converged systems can radically simplify the end-to-end application and IT operations life cycle by taking time, cost and complexity of out many activities.

Download this IDC White Paper to find out how IBM PureSystems can help:

  • Decrease the typical system design and procurement cycle time by several months - accelerating time to market;
  • Improve application performance by 2x, and
  • Significantly reduce down time, and time and cost associated with support and upgrades.
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