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Infrastructure Cloud Services and Your IT Roadmap

Infrastructure Cloud Services and Your IT Roadmap

Sixty percent (60%) of Canadian businesses in IDC's 2011 National Cloud Survey said that cloud computing would be critical to their future success. Half (50%) of Canadian businesses believed cloud would cut IT costs and make IT easier to manage. Cloud, and in particular access to on-demand, scalable IT infrastructure, is a powerful means of enabling a business to be more agile, cost-effective, and competitive.

While promising, cloud computing can also seem complicated. Confusion starts with acronyms such as SaaS and IaaS, and terms like private, public, and hybrid. The goal of the IDC Workbook: "Infrastructure Cloud Services and Your IT Roadmap" is to present a practical approach to infrastructure-based cloud services. IDC's conversations with Canadian IT leaders have centered on understanding what cloud implementations look like, and the benefits and types of Canadian cloud providers. This Workbook addresses these topics and provides a set of key questions to consider when assessing infrastructure-based cloud services for your organization.

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