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The software edge

The software edge

Increase your competitive advantage through effective software delivery. In The Software Edge, more than 400 global CEOs were surveyed to determine how organizations view today's top technology trends and the role these play in market strategy. The survey also investigated whether effective software development and delivery can contribute to an organization's competitive edge.

The survey identified five technology trends as critical to competitiveness and underscore the role of software within these. It revealed that most organizations are underprepared to leverage technology trends - whether mobile technology, collaborative approaches, or intelligent systems. And, while more than half of companies recognized effective software development as crucial to achieving competitive advantage, only a quarter are effective today, highlighting an 'execution gap'.

Download The Software Edge to learn how establishing an enterprise capability for accelerated software delivery can close this gap and help differentiate your company in the market.

Assess the level of maturity for software development at your organization and discover how to improve the effectiveness of your practices, enhance collaboration, determine the right mix of external sourcing, and, in turn, increase your organization's competitive edge by:
  • Enabling a differentiated and engaging customer experience
  • Obtaining fast-mover advantage with more rapid software-based innovation
  • Increasing the capacity to innovate by reducing waste and shifting resources to high-value activities.
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