Solving for Total Cost in the Cloud

Solving for Total Cost in the Cloud

Don't be blindsided by your cloud bill. Download Solving for 'Total Cost' in the Cloud.

As more and more organizations migrate to the cloud, many are faced with hidden costs emerging from unexpected places. Two non-obvious and non-trivial factors can drive up costs. First are separate charges for everything from server memory to intrusion detection. Second are the high personnel costs for early-generation, manually operated clouds. These costs can rack up quickly, creating total cost of ownership (TCO) surprises.

Keeping TCO low in the cloud is essentially a matter of management strategy. IT managers 'in the know' are all too aware that the "cheap virtual cores!" pitch can be anything but cheap for overall business. True enterprise clouds that can handle an organization's needs require a cloud provider with an all-in, integrated offering that gives you the set of services you need to deploy and maintain a robust, connected infrastructure. Learn the simple steps and strategies to avoid hidden costs in the cloud now in the free white paper "Solving for 'Total Cost' in the Cloud," including:

  • Measuring the personnel costs
  • Lowering costs by migrating to automated cloud processes
  • Best practices for keeping TCO low in the cloud
  • Leveraging the efficiency of expert cloud providers
Download Solving for 'Total Cost' in the Cloud now - and learn how you can build an effective cloud management strategy that keeps costs down and business up.

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