Mapping a Route on the Road to the New Normal

Mapping a Route on the Road to the New Normal

Your enterprise's cloud adoption journey - and it is a journey as opposed to a destination - is unique. No two cloud journeys are going to be the same. Your particular circumstances, including your priorities and obligations, inform the path you end up taking, and feed into how you plan and adopt new technology and ultimately meet new horizons.

Seventy-two per cent of companies do not have a cloud roadmap or are just getting started developing one. This was the finding of a survey conducted during a webinar, "Future-Proof Your Cloud Map". In the hour long session, ITWC CIO and Chief Digital Officer Jim Love moderated a discussion that included stories from the road, tips for the future and best practices, and topics such as the importance of planning and emergent technologies.

"Mapping a Route on the Road to the New Normal" is a report that covers the webinar, in which topics such as the following were covered:

  • Motivations for using/adopting the cloud
  • Perceived benefits of cloud
  • The complex multi-cloud landscape
  • Conducting a cloud assessment
  • Getting the help you need to adopt cloud


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