Integrated Network Security Architecture: Threat-focused Next-generation Firewall

Integrated Network Security Architecture: Threat-focused Next-generation Firewall
Most enterprise organizations address cyber-threats with a hodgepodge array of security tools-firewalls, VPN gateways, IDSs and IPSs, proxies, sandboxes, etc.-that, while adequate in the past, create operational challenges while increasingly failing to defend against today's sophisticated, targeted threats.

Legacy network security systems are no match for the threat landscape in a fluid IT environment created by today's more available, scalable, open networks. Because of this network security is becoming more difficult, modern network security tools alone aren't enough, and large organizations need an interoperable network security architecture.

Those are the findings of Enterprise Strategy Group presented in its "Integrated Network Security Architecture: Threat-focused Next-generation Firewall", which looks closely at how (and why) the threat landscape has evolved and what information security professionals and executives must do to address today's security challenges.

Find out how an integrated network security architecture can not only address existing challenges, but also provide business, IT and security benefits. Download and read this detailed, research-driven white paper today.
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