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Disaster Recovery Exercises Fall Short of the Finish Line

Disaster Recovery Exercises Fall Short of the Finish Line

Missing disaster recovery (DR) objectives can cost a business thousands, even millions of dollars in lost revenue, customers, and market share. It can also damage your reputation and expose you to possible fines. Just like preparing to run a marathon requires extensive advance preparation and regular, consistent exercises and drills, effective disaster recovery and business continuity preparedness require regular review, training and exercises. Yet Forrester finds that many organizations continue to fall short in exercising DR plans.

The chance that an organization will successfully recover IT operations without regularly exercising its DR plans is slim at best. The chance that it would not only recover but also meet its recovery objectives without the appropriate exercise is zero. The situation is even worse for organizations that do not have formal processes or strict regimens, or that only exercise a portion of their plan or a subset of applications.

In "Disaster Recovery Exercises Fall Short of The Finish Line" you will find a comprehensive approach to organizational preparedness for DR and to improving fitness of your team to respond effectively. The report details 10 tips for updating and improving your current DR exercise, from setting goals and understanding who should be involved, to aligning with business continuity plans.
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