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The New Workplace: Supporting 'Bring your own'

The New Workplace: Supporting 'Bring your own'

Over the past decade the "consumerization of IT" has taken hold of enterprises, and although some companies issue corporate smartphones and tablets, many employees are still bringing their personal devices and using them for business. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is real and pervasive. Businesses that don't embrace it risk an unmanageable shadow infrastructure that can lead to increases in data leakage-and employee dissatisfaction.

The New Workplace: Supporting "Bring your own" explores how you can derive value from the BYOD trend while maintaining a secure IT infrastructure and consistent service levels. This thought leadership white paper from IBM Global Technology Services looks at: strategies and solutions for BYOD, lessons learned from IBM's internal deployment; and how to handle end-user support.

Over the past 10 years IBM has embarked on its own BYOD journey. Find out what IBM learned and how you can better support BYOD in your enterprise. Download The New Workplace: Supporting "Bring your own" now.
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