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Sleeping through the Alarm - What Breaches Should be Telling Us, and Why the Message is Missed

Sleeping through the Alarm - What Breaches Should be Telling Us, and Why the Message is Missed
The disconnect is real. Alarm bells are ringing - but who is listening?

As cyber-attacks and security threats become increasingly sophisticated and the vectors from which an organization can be threatened grows in parallel, the way security professionals address security isn't changing fast enough to properly address the risks.

Many of today's security professionals employ tactics that no longer meet emerging threats head on. Whether it is denial or hubris, this must change. And soon.

Sleeping through the Alarm: What Breaches Should be Telling Us, and Why the Message is Missed, a whitepaper from SafeNet, looks at the key findings from an extensive survey of security professionals around the globe to understand where they put their confidence and why, and how this may be a mistake. Learn more. Download this insightful whitepaper today.

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