How Virtual Classrooms are Purpose-Built to Drive Learning Outcomes

When schools closed suddenly in 2020 and learning went exclusively digital, many institutions made do with off-the-shelf video conferencing platforms, but educators soon found that these platforms were less than ideal. What they needed instead was one that catered to the needs of students and the digital learning community.

Unlike video conferencing tools, virtual classrooms are purpose-built to offer specific tools that make teaching and learning more effective. The effectiveness of virtual classrooms over video conferencing can be mapped through their unique sets of features that focus on delivering highly engaging experiences. Increased engagement improves knowledge retention and overall performance. In a virtual classroom, there are many tools that teachers can utilize to create an interactive learning environment. Students can also engage with teachers and classmates in a multitude of ways, becoming active participants in their learning rather than passive viewers. 

Kaltura was recently awarded by CANARIE via an RFP process to be the Education Video Cloud provider for educators across Canada. The agreement enables institutions nationwide to access a best-in-class Virtual Classroom, Web Conferencing, and Video Platform designed for educators and learners.

Learn more about digital classrooms, how they differ from video conferencing, and how they enhance learning outcomes by downloading this free whitepaper.


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