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Securing Android For the Enterprise

 Securing Android For the Enterprise
This Solution Spotlight provides an overview of how enterprises are dealing with mobility and security (from bring-your-own device to choose-your-own device programs) and explains the pros and cons of each from a business risk and management perspective. It also reveals the strength of the Android market and takes a closer look at the role of Samsung's KNOX mobile platform in helping businesses take greater advantage of enterprise mobility to sharpen their competitive edge.

While various solutions and technologies exist that can deliver mobility security, few of them can address the security needs of an enterprise with a BYOD program. Moreover, enterprise mobility has yet to deliver on the promise of increased operational efficiency and cost reductions. Securing Android for the Enterprise looks at how companies have addressed these challenges and delves into what they should be doing to unlock the value of enterprise mobility. IDC has segmented the types of management programs needed to ensure enterprise security: device, enterprise, applications and content - revealing how this can become a burdensome and costly initiative for entities.

Download Securing Android for the Enterprise to learn why IDC believes the solution lies with the development of mobile operating systems (OS) that provide for their own security, such as that developed by Samsung. Find out why the Android platform is poised to become a key player in the enterprise mobile device space by 2015, and how Samsung, with leading marketing share and a secure OS has overcome a fragmented Android ecosystem and the challenges in security and manageability - empowering IT to regain some control.

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