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A New Generation of Tier 1 Enterprise Storage

A New Generation of Tier 1 Enterprise Storage

The expectation of high business transaction speed and low latency expected in today's market have reached unprecedented levels, according to technology analyst firm IDC. This is even more critical given the requirements created by a huge explosion in data. Organizations now require Tier 1 storage to meet the demands for highest performance and reliability - but at the same time they must be sensitive to the intense capital costs of such storage systems.

The IBM XIV third-generation storage system platform can provide organizations with the performance and ease of use required to handle their tier 1 applications, IDC reports. In "A New Generation of Tier 1 Enterprise Storage", IDC analyzes this new generation of storage solutions and its use as primary storage for tier 1 applications.

Learn more whether XIV can meet your storage system needs. Download this insightful research paper today.
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