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Demystifying Industry Standards

Demystifying Industry Standards

No matter the industry you're in, your business must support a plethora of different standards. And, while designed to help, the complexity and specifics of these standards can stall the B2B processes they are trying to enable. Their complex nature can be daunting.

The eBook "Demystifying Industry Standards" from IBM looks at:
  • How industry standards came about and their role within business processes.
  • The fundamental differences between a variety of Industry Standards and why complexities exist that prevent organizations from leveraging them to their full potential.
  • What a common standard format looks like and how-with the right technology and understanding-complexities can be readily solved.
  • How successful implementation of industry standards and B2B integration can synchronize value chains, create efficiencies and reveal opportunities to deliver new value to customers.
This insightful eBook aims to improve your understanding of industry standards, their impact on your B2B integration strategy and what solutions are available. Download "Demystifying Industry Standards" today.
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