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Integrated Systems and Streamlined Practices Propel New, Responsive IT Organizations

Integrated Systems and Streamlined Practices Propel New, Responsive IT Organizations

Download this Forrester White Paper to understand the significant IT transformation that's underway and how CIOs across enterprises are leveraging integrated systems to deliver speed, flexibility, and savings. Such entities know, and have begun a revolution in technologies, talents, and team structures for fast, flexible delivery of new business capabilities with increasing efficiency and at ever lower costs.

Forrester's in-depth interview with 19 enterprise IT leaders revealed that organization streamlining readies IT for the adoption of system platforms (integrated systems) that actually foster fast delivery and accelerate organizational streamlining. Integrated systems help IT shops deliver applications much faster and shift IT talent to work of competitive value, all the while maintaining system integrity and containing costs.

The move toward responsive IT is the most important trend in enterprise IT. Find out why Forrester suggests that CIOs embrace it or their positions will become untenable. Download this Forrester study to find out why Forrester recommends that CIOs:

  • Focus the IT organization on business value
  • Streamline procedures and teams to deliver applications faster
  • Orient infrastructure strategy to match the requirements of responsive IT
  • Calibrate the choice of integrated systems against potential
  • Explicitly plan and address the transformation in skills and structure changing teams on deliberate, gradual schedules in three patterns.
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