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Closing the Loop on Transportation Strategy, Spend Management and Execution

Closing the Loop on Transportation Strategy, Spend Management and Execution

What's the biggest source of indirect costs in most companies? Transportation. Rapid changes in business volume, lack of follow-through in carrier bids and capacity commitments, and increasing compliance issues make it difficult to manage your transportation spending.

End-to-end transportation management starts with the right supply chain strategy and continues through spend management to execution and compliance. Watch this new webcast to learn how to:
  • Evaluate the business processes in order to monitor, measure, and manage every aspect of your transportation spending
  • Balance multiple tradeoffs across your entire system so you can see how a cost increase in one area could result in significant savings in several others
  • Develop a more strategic network design and product sourcing plan to minimize the distance between warehouses and customers
  • Optimize routes, fleet selection, carrier sourcing, contracting and bids in order to generate savings
  • Close the loop by monitoring daily planning and execution, automating key processes, auditing, using in-depth analysis to understand spend and payment

Webcast: Closing the Loop on Transportation Strategy, Spend Management, and Execution

Watch the webcast now !
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