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IBM Blueworks Live, the roadmap to tackle process improvement

IBM Blueworks Live, the roadmap to tackle process improvement

Business leaders today recognize that to achieve true enterprise agility, a clear understanding of their processes is vital. Every stakeholder must contribute to the definition and documentation of these processes to take the first steps down the road to business transformation.

Download The Roadmap to Tackle Process Improvement to learn how IBM Blueworks Live provides a cloud-based collaborative framework that enables process discovery, gap analysis and process improvement. Understand how Blueworks' browser-based, wiki-style environment allows stakeholders to contribute to process definition in minute detail, collaborate asynchronously on documentation, and perform the iterative process of documentation. Learn how Blueworks allows business leaders to capture the right business requirement, search for process gaps and take action to fill them - whether it's by adding to headcount in a particular department or investing millions in technology to streamline processes.

Read about how a health care provider utilized Blueworks to define, design and standardize its processes for a 68-bed hospital, identifying inefficiencies that had plagued hospital processes for years.
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