Top 12 Questions to Consider When Choosing UPS Systems for Network/Server Applications

Top 12 Questions to Consider When  Choosing UPS Systems for Network/Server   Applications
One of the fundamental decisions in the design of data centers, server rooms and network closets is which uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to use. You cannot be certain that the power you receive from your local utility will be suitable for your equipment, or that it will always be available. And even when you are receiving good-quality power from the utility, equipment inside your facility (such as electric motors) can introduce power problems. A network/server UPS system conditions input power 24/7 to ensure that your equipment always receives reliable power and protection from damaging and disruptive power problems.

Download this white paper to learn how choosing the right UPS system can improve system availability and save your organization from the high cost and inconvenience of downtime, as well as deliver significant savings through improved energy efficiency. This white paper examines the top 12 questions you should consider to help you choose the right network/server UPS system.


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