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Pushing the limits of outsourcing

Pushing the limits of outsourcing

A new 'innovator' mindset is taking hold of the outsourcing model and fundamentally changing the business and IT services industry. Those with this mindset - business innovators - are moving beyond the traditional outsourcing model, from outsourcing non-core functions to partnering for critical capabilities. The new model looks to providers with expertise, scale and insights. It empowers them with the flexibility to adapt technology infrastructure, applications and business processes as needed to deliver strategic business outcomes, and go well beyond just saving costs. Fundamentally, it seeks alignment of sourcing relationships with your business strategy, leveraging the ability of these relationships to contribute to it.

Download Pushing the Limits of Outsourcing to understand what's driving the innovators' outsourcing model, moving outcomes from cost cutting and value chain efficiency to enabling organizations to drive front-office effectiveness, proactively manage risk, better anticipate disruptive technological changes or market forces, and more. Learn about the criteria that should be considered when evaluating a potential partnering relationship and why the new model is changing how companies make choices about providers - both how many and who to engage - as well as the delivery model used.
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