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The Social Business - Advent of a new age

The Social Business - Advent of a new age

A new era of business is upon us, driven by IT trends toward greater widespread instrumentation, interconnectivity and intelligent analytics-the era of the Social Business. Today, organizations have an opportunity to reap tremendous benefits through enterprise design that embraces social computing to deepen customer relationships, drive operational efficiencies and optimize the workforce. Social Business creates an environment that encourages customers and employees to connect and accomplish just about anything; it connects networks of people with relevant content and expertise to take business to the next level, delivering unprecedented return on time investment.

Just as the Internet revolutionized the marketplace when it shifted from novelty to a mature platform for everything from financial transactions to supply chain systems, as social computing is maturing it to is transforming the business landscape. But, becoming a Social Business requires shift in business culture, not just the deployment of new technology. Done right it will unlock countless new possibilities. Learn how. Download "The Social Business: Advent of a New Age".

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