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IT World Canada is a privately-owned company and the Canadian affiliate of International Data Group (IDG), the world’s largest IT information provider. IDG publishes more than 300 publications worldwide. IDG also provides IT market analysis through 49 offices in 85 countries worldwide. One hundred million people read one or more IDG publications each month.

IDG’s online network includes more than 300 Web sites in over 70 countries, with the broadest network of technology content online. Supported by more than 2,000 journalists, IDG’s Web sites provide focused, useful content that meets the needs of distinct communities around the world. IDG’s online network is also supported by the world’s only 24-hour global technology news organization, the IDG News Service, reporting the latest technology news and analysis in multiple languages around the world.

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IT World Canada

For almost three decades IT World Canada has been building solid relationships with Canada’s IT professionals by delivering timely, incisive information that helps them succeed in their jobs. Today, more than 75,000 IT executives and professionals – representing 70 per cent of the buying power in Canada – turn to IT World Canada for the information they trust.


IT Business Canada

Where Technology Meets Business

We know Canada’s IT industry: the key players, the important issues, the decision-making processes. We understand the regional and linguistic distinctions that make Canada a unique market place. Our informative, incisive and unbiased coverage examines Canadian case studies, news stories and applications. It provides an overview of trends and technologies, and looks at Canadian product availability and costs. SUBSCRIBE

Computing Canada

Computing Canada is the crossroads of business and technology. Delivering enterprise technology, networking, telecom, career, managed services, cloud computing, and other technologies and services that enable business.

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Each issue of Canadian CIO will look at the business outcomes driving IT investments in large public and private sector enterprises. It will provide a framework for effectively moving from ideas to action.

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Computer Dealer News (CDN)

Established in 1985, Computer Dealer News is Canada’s premier source for news, features, product reviews and opinion relevant to solution providers and the IT channel.


Direction Informatique

Direction informatique examine le monde des TI et informe les décideurs des technologies de l’information et des communications (TI, TIC) qui doivent élaborer des stratégies informatiques pour leurs organisations.


Visability | Marketing Optimization

Visability is about making your business visible to your customers, brand advocates and influencers across the web on various social systems.