Measurable ROI from Agile

How Umbra cut costs, saved time and improved customer experience

April 10, 2019 - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

When Canadian home accessories designer Umbra saw their fulfillment systems shifting away from large shipments to a reseller and towards direct shipments to an end customer, they knew they had to make a change to keep up. Their legacy systems and processes wouldn’t be able to accommodate the change effectively.

Like most companies seeking faster and smarter ways to modernize their digital infrastructure, they were unable to find a “one size fits all” solution. And while their managed service model had served them well in the past, they needed a new approach to stay competitive.

They brought their EDI processing in house and integrated their e-commerce platform along with their PLM and SAP systems. With agile processes implemented across projects, the changes were accomplished in record time. The results? Greater efficiency leading to major time savings, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings, and a customer experience expected in today’s digital age.

How did they do it? On April 10, 2019 join ITWC CIO Jim Love, Umbra VP of Technology and Business Processes Tariq Jamal, and Dell Canada Technical Educator Brad Evans for a discussion on the keys to Digital Transformation and how taking small steps can lead to big opportunities.

Webinar discussion will include:

  • The benefits of an iterative approach to DX
  • How to recognize and respond to changes in your marketplace
  • The challenges and opportunities of digital integration
  • How to boost innovation through experimentation and an agile approach to projects
  • How agile projects drive ROI


Jim Love



Brad Evans

Technical Educator,
Dell Canada


Tariq Jamal

VP of Technology and Business Processes, Umbra

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