What you need to know about managing cyber-security incidents

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST

Studies indicate that companies that have even a basic plan and some training in place to detect and manage cyber security incidents cut the costs of a breach and their recovery time by at least 50 per cent.

How well would your company do? Do you know what’s required, and what’s expected in terms of regulation and legislation? If you don’t, the June 18 webinar “What you need to know about managing cyber security incidents” is for you. In this half-hour session, well-known Canadian CISO and cyber-security consultant Michael Ball and IT World Canada CIO Jim Love cover a wide range of topics and questions, including:

  • What is cyber security incident management?
  • What are the new regulations and legislative requirements in Canada?
  • Practical tips for detecting, containing, and managing cyber security incidents

The session will be followed by an “overtime” period where participants ask direct questions of Ball and Love. Participants will receive a copy of the Business Guide to Cyber Security, and a checklist to allow you to evaluate your own readiness.


Jim Love



Michael Ball

CISO and Cyber Security Consultant

“What you need to know about managing cyber security incidents” is for business and technical staff charged with managing their company’s security or who are concerned about their company’s security incident management and how it could affect their existing and future business. This is a particularly important topic in light of new legislation in Canada requiring companies to both log and report cyber security breaches under specific rules and conditions. Without a proper strategy to detect and manage these incidents, businesses risk being made an example of under the current rules, losing clients and suffering disruption and loss.



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