Tips for weathering the coming IoT storm

Business leaders developing plans to return part or all of their employees to the office need input from multiple sources: IT, finance and human resources, just to get started.

Unfortunately, in many organizations each of the involved departments will bring different metrics to the conversation, making data-driven decisions difficult to arrive at.

What if there was a way to get your data to mesh across your entire organization? How much faster could you make decisions and grow your business if you could make your data accessible and relevant?

On October 22nd, join Tandet Group Vice-President of Information Systems Corey Cox and Workday leaders Archana Ramamoorthy (CTO), Phil Willburn, (Senior Director, People Analytics & Insight and Kinnari Desai (VP Finance) for the webinar Using Analytics to Help Guide Your Back-to-Work Strategy. In this hour-long webinar, Cox and guests will discuss the Covid-era “holy grail” of data unification and relevance using a single platform. Among the topics to be covered:

  • Data fragmentation and silos and their cumulative effect on organizations.
  • The challenges of trying to embrace new technologies without unified data.
  • Managing and ensuring the well-being of a blended workforce during a period of significant professional and social change.
  • How Workday developed their COVID response and back-to-work strategy using a single source of truth - and you can too.

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