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A multi-layered security approach in the New Normal

A pre-COVID projection by Juniper Research estimated that cybercrime would hit $6 trillion by 2021. Unbelievable as it may seem, that number will have to be adjusted upward. While some may return to offices, the new normal of working remotely is here to stay — and with it a much higher level of security risk to companies.

The work from home structure creates a number of new attack vectors. Opportunities abound for hackers and cyber-criminals. The challenge to protect against data loss is significant. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, losses include increased downtime, lost productivity, financial losses and long-term — often irreparable — damage to your company’s reputation.

Has the dawning of the new normal left you rethinking the best security approach for your organization? If the single pane of glass was possible in the past, can we have that level of oversight in a multi-faceted, multi-cloud world, where most or all of your company’s staff send and receive data from outside your network?

On July 29th, join ITWC CIO and Chief Digital Officer Jim Love, iland Senior Cloud Technologist Will Urban, and Veeam Senior System Engineer Brandon McCoy for a session on Taking a multi-layered security approach in the New Normal. We will explore how taking a dedicated, multi-layered approach to security and data protection, including backup and disaster recovery, can help businesses improve their resilience to cyber-attacks and respond quickly and decisively in the event of data loss or data theft.



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