eHealth Ontario: The Whole Story

EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Jim McCarter

The Auditor General of Ontario responds to reader feedback from his report on eHealth Ontario in an exclusive video interview

The other side of the eHealth story

A former employee of Smart Systems for Health Agency and eHealth Ontario calls news coverage reporting that taxpayers have nothing to show for the $1 billion they invested “sensational and irresponsible.” Aaron Blair outlines what was really accomplished over those seven years

eHealth cash not totally squandered, auditor says
By:  Dave Webb  On: 09 Oct 2009 For: ComputerWorld Canada

Ontario”s electronic health records initiative isn”t a success by any metric, but some of the investment can be salvaged. What eHealth Ontario needs to get back on its feet


eHealth Ontario: $1B later, the apps aren”t done

By:  Dave Webb  On: 07 Oct 2009 For: ComputerWorld Canada

Ontario”s auditor general says out-of-sync apps development, lack of planning and frequent changes in leadership hamstrung the initiative in his long-awaited review of the electronic health record initiative in Ontario


How do we fix eHealth Ontario?

Posted Oct 07 2009, 03:20 PM by Dave Webb

Ontario auditor general Jim McCarter”s long-awaited report on the province”s electronic health records initiative landed today, and given the uproar since the spring over untendered contracts, huge bonuses and lack of oversight, the $1-billion price tag attached to the still-incomplete megaproject came as a surprise to few. Health Minister David Caplan is the latest casualty of the eHealth Ontario (née Smart Systems for Health Agency) fiasco, resigning on the eve of the report”s release.
BREAKING NEWS: eHealth Ontario appoints interim CEO

By:  Jennifer Kavur  On: 04 Aug 2009 For: ComputerWorld Canada

Step 1 is getting a “crash course in eHeath the organization,” says Robert Devitt, president and CEO of eHealth Ontario for the next four months. Carmi Levy says Devitt is “the right person at the right time for the right role,” so the question is: why only four months?


The one part of eHealth Ontario worth saving

Posted Jun 18 2009, 11:41 AM by Shane Schick

Smart Systems for Health was a failure. eHealth Ontario has been a fiasco. Perhaps one more rebranding will do the trick – Ontario HealthTech, anyone?


Departing eHealth Ontario boss gets hefty separation package

By:  Nestor E Arellano  On: 07 Jun 2009 For:

Sarah Kramer, former eHealth Ontario president and CEO, will reportedly receive $317,000 in severance. A technology analyst says it”s high time for government agencies to cultivate in-house IT talent


Kramer to head eHealth Ontario

By:  Dave Carey  On: 04 Jan 2009 For: CIO Canada

“What we have lacked up until now is a province-wide eHealth strategy to implement,” says the health care IT veteran. What”s on the eHealth Ontario agenda


Digital imaging network a milestone for e-health in Canada

By:  Joaquim P. Menezes  On: 02 Jul 2005 For: IT World Canada

A picture or a ritual, it is said, is worth a thousand words. And that”s certainly true of a quaint little ritual held last Thursday at Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital (TDMH) in south western Ontario.