The One Page Strategy

gartner-videos-collage-smHeather Colella, Research VP with Gartner Inc. Can something as complex as an IT or a business strategy be fit onto one piece of paper? Heather provides some convincing arguments as to why this is better than the classical approaches to strategy. The benefits include greater clarity and that elusive “alignment with the business” that we all seek.

The One Page Strategy
A breakthrough method of strategy development?

Does IT strategy even work anymore? Heather outlines why we don’t seem to be able to communicate and implement IT strategies. She outlines here concept of the one page strategy. The one page strategy translates technically oriented strategy papers into one single page with a business focus.

Getting On The Same Page
Communicate your strategy

Heather describes how her one page strategy can communicate complex strategic issues and goals in a single page. Further, the one page strategy tells a story. It shows not just the strategy but also context. The simple format not only conveys a lot of information, it encourages conversations about the strategy – helping to communicate and build a strong foundation for strategic governance.

Building The One Page Strategy
Step by Step

Heather takes us step by step through the process of developing a one-page strategy. From deciding on your “market discipline” It forces you to understand and make key decisions about how will you compete and win in the market place. This exercise shows where to focus for greatest strategic results and prepares you for the creative part of the process – taking this to a single picture.

About the CIO to CIO series:

Fair warning – this series is for those who want to get to a slightly deeper level in some complex topics. Our discussions are still at a strategic level – we aren’t ‘in the weeds”.   But we don’t simply “skim the surface”.  The length and the depth of the discussion may go beyond what you are used to in typical internet videos.  So I’ve broken them up into bit sized chunks at about 6 minutes each.  Grab a cup of coffee.  Close the door and let some of Gartner’s leading analysts bring you up to date on key issues.