Cisco Collaboration Series

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New technologies and point solutions are creating opportunities for companies to increase their competitiveness in terms efficiency, effectiveness and customer experience. This video series explores the opportunity provided by bringing together and leveraging these strategic technologies and provides practical, real world advice and case studies from Cisco Systems. The series features Sheila Jordan, formerly with Cisco as their Sr VP, Communication & Collaboration IT, Cisco Systems in conversation with Jim Love, CIO of IT World Canada.


Collaboration – The IT Investment of the Decade

New technologies are changing every aspect of the way we work – and the way we work together. In this episode we tackle the overall questions that many companies are asking. Learn More

Building a Collaborative Architecture

Collaboration is enabled by bringing together what Sheila Jordan, Sr. VP, Communication & Collaboration IT, refers to as 5 pillars – Video, Mobile, Social, Content and Business “Apps”. Learn More


Video and Collaboration

A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve become increasingly “visually literate” and the web has made that ubiquitous in our personal lives. Yet many of us struggle with email, conference calls and text based communication.
Learn More

Mobile and Collaboration

Work is no longer a place. Mobile technology is unstoppable – employees and customers demand the same full featured mobile experience that they have from their consumer devices. Companies are turning to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategies. Learn More

Social Collaboration

Whether one views social collaboration technologies as time wasters or transformational tools as no longer relevant, they are here to stay– infiltrating the modern enterprise in the same unstoppable wave that brought in consumerization, mobile and BYOD. Learn More

Collaborative Content

Companies are turning to IT to reduce the complexity and increase the manageability of information – to serve the right information to the right people at the right time.Learn More

Collaborative Business Apps

We live in a world dominated by “apps” – a multitude of point solutions with a vast range of choices. Can we move from a confusing array of point solutions to selected, integrated, seamless, end to end business productivity tools? Learn More

Building the Collaboration Road Map

In this final episode we bring together the 5 pillars of collaboration and outline an 8 step roadmap for building a collaborative enterprise. We discuss the major choices to be made and the metrics to measure success. Learn More


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