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Intel outlines broadband wireless vision

Broadband wireless technologies will help bring the next five billion users to the Internet, an Intel Corp. executive explained at the Wireless Communications Association (WCA) annual symposium.

Getting to the heart of corporate voice service

If Ed Lavin has learned anything from tackling physical challenges like marathons, and corporate challenges in the telecom sector, it might be this: no...

Telecommunications Briefs

Coaxial calls The number of worldwide cable telephony subscribers will have hit 10 million by the end of 2003, according to In-Stat/MDR. The...

Wi-Fi heats up the office

Last June, two workers from the IT department of Toronto's Fraser Milner Casgrain (FMC) LLP law offices were sipping their beverages in a local downtown coffee shop on the same day that the caf

Fixed wireless flying

Fixed wireless access services may not have lived up to the hype surrounding them in the late 1990s, but a new network launch, a network expansion and a fixed wireless acquisition all within the last two months of 2003 show that some people think the technology still has legs.

Microcell signs $70 million deal with Nortel

Nortel Networks Inc. on Friday penned a $70 million deal with Microcell Solutions Inc.

Sun to Windows-certify x86 hardware

In an apparent softening of its antipathy toward Microsoft Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc. plans to begin certifying its hardware to run the Windows operating system, a Sun executive said on Thursday.

Flaws found in VoIP products using H.323 protocol

Several critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and videoconferencing products based on the H.323 protocol that's used in IP telephony applications to exchange audio and video communications.


Nortel Networks' big sale of IP networking equipment to U.S. carrier Verizon Communications is significant in two ways, say industry analysts: it suggests that phone companies are serious about IP, and that Canada's former high-tech darling Nortel is on the mend.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre goes wireless

In an effort to yield to the demands of conference planners and participants that are seldom without their laptops and personal digital assistants (PDAs), the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) unveiled its new wireless local area network (WLAN) on Tuesday to give its clients and staff the functionality they were looking for.

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Supercluster cements global leadership in 5th Machine Age with ground-breaking protein production addressing global food insecurity

We have moved from Industry 4.0 (inspired by WEF--World Economic Forum), Society 5.0 (Japan G20), Smart Humanity (KNVI, Royal Dutch IT Association) where digital transformation infuses all aspects of our lives--to the 5th Machine Age. AI is a key driver.


ITWC’s Elevator Pitch – Avaya IX Collaboration Unit CU360 with Corey Mindel

The days of booking large conference rooms for video calls are over. With more workers on the road or working at a distance, today’s...

Upgrading to the future: A new standard in document scanning

Ours is a digital world. Smart and wearable tech — now generating tens of billions in annual sales — is transforming the way people work. Many...

Why brick-and-mortar retail is taking the lead in edge computing

Few industries feel the disruption of new digitization-driven business models more than traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. Although 90 percent of worldwide retail sales still occur...

Transforming the banking and investing experience coming into the cognitive era

While it may not yet be possible for fintech enterprises to offer consumers 100 per cent personalized banking and investing experiences powered by cognitive...