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SSL VPNs make gains over IPSec

When a VPN does its job correctly, remote users don

Intel, Alcatel team up on WiMax

Intel Corp. and French telecommunications equipment manufacturer Alcatel SA are working together on the emerging WiMax wireless technology in an effort to deliver products using WiMax by the second half of 2005, the companies said Thursday.

The promise of WiMax revealed at conference

WiMax will not cause Wi-Fi and 3G to become extinct when it becomes available in 2006, and its application in the enterprise space should be looked at with a close eye, according to a panel of industry experts.

Hospitals try wireless remedies

Two Ontario hospitals have opted for voice over IP and wireless LAN technologies to help improve overall communication in their facilities.

A mesh mash of opinions on WLAN architecture

A wireless LAN (WLAN) mesh architecture is supposed to make these networks easier to deploy and manage, but not everyone is convinced of the benefits.

Wi-Fi Planet: How to locate network intruders

Lisa Phifer works for Core Competence Inc., an IT security consultancy in Philadelphia, a company that presumably knows a thing or two about encryption algorithms, public key infrastructure, and other technology designed to keep networks protected. But Phifer also knows that something has been left out of the dialogue surrounding wireless network security: location.

Wireless fridges for grand old hotel

The storied Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, D.C., is adding a touch of cutting-edge technology to its guest services with Wi-Fi enabled mini fridges.

Centrex drops the call for NuComm International

Since its start in 1991 with a single call centre, NuComm International has grown to six sites and now has nearly 3,000 employees. Unfortunately its telephone system wasn't able to keep up with the firm's growth rate.

Fairmont Hotels offers Wi-Fi services

In a time when Wi-Fi functionality is often expected by mobile professionals while on the road, one hotel chain is not only offering the wireless access but also the gadget

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