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Zero Trust Security Assessment

Businesses of every size are more concerned about cybersecurity than ever before. New threats emerge daily. Remote workers, cloud architectures, and an explosion of smart devices introduce new vulnerabilities.

Experts: MS tweaks, new laws won’t make 2004 safer

For computer security experts, 2003 started with the Slammer Internet worm and went downhill from there. The year, which included four major worm and virus outbreaks just in August, has been labelled the "year of the worm" and "the worst year ever" by more than one computer security expert.

Cisco warns of holes in PIX firewalls

Network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc. is warning customers about security holes in its PIX firewall product and firewall software that runs on the Catalyst 6500 Series and 7600 Series switches.

Cisco teams with others to build self-defending networks

A buildup in network menaces has prompted Cisco Systems Inc. to wage an all-out war by developing a new program that the company said will do more to protect computer networks than intrusion detection systems and firewalls.

Carleton University opens security lab

Carleton University in Ottawa opened a new computer security research centre on last month in part to focus on narrowing the gap between academic-driven theoretical research and practical business applications.

2004 seen bringing more, worse cyberattacks

The New Year will offer weary network administrators little respite from a new generation of Internet worms, viruses and targeted hacks that appeared in 2003, according to security experts.

NCR touts Windows-based ATMs

Microsoft Windows XP is the way of the future for automated teller machines (ATMs), according to NCR Corp. But the anticipated migration to XP from IBM's OS/2, today's dominant ATM platform, will bring with it a whole new slew of security issues, a company official and analyst cautioned at a press briefing Tuesday.

Cisco warns of wireless security hole

Cisco Systems Inc. is warning customers using its Aironet wireless access points (APs) about a security vulnerability that could allow attackers to obtain keys used to secure communications on wireless networks.

How much security

Who plays more games? The people trying to penetrate networks and wreak havoc, or the vendors who dream up products and services to thwart them?

How Boeing fights viruses

A veritable who's who of global computer virus experts descended on Toronto recently forrn the 13th Virus Bulletin international conference, where discussions covered everything fromrn worm charming to educating end users.

Study shows lack of disaster planning

Despite recent examples such as the blackout in Ontario and raging forest fires inrn British Columbia, many Canadian organizations still fail to see the need for arn comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

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Security Resource Kit

Security Training Resource Kit

Experts say that training can reduce security incidents by anywhere from 45% to 70%. "We asked ourselves why security training couldn't be fun as well as informative." IT World Canada and it's creative arm, Amazing! Agency have created some training materials which actually make security training engaging and interesting. Each unit starts with a fun video or interactive game and let's you get the interest of the group....

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