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Germany’s Metro plans huge RFID deployment

In the first move of its kind, Metro AG, the world's fifth largest retailer, plans to take radio frequency identification (RFID ) technology beyond the pilot stage by requiring around 100 suppliers to affix smart tags to their pallets and transport packages.

Microsoft Word file security flaw uncovered

Microsoft Corp. is again facing criticism from security experts after a researcher posted instructions for circumventing a password feature in the company's popular Microsoft Word word processing program.

Jitux.A worm hits MSN Messenger

A new worm targeting users of Microsoft Corp.'s MSN Messenger software has squirmed through the instant messaging (IM) application.

Security group warns of hole in Linux kernel

Computer security researchers are again warning about a critical vulnerability in the Linux kernel that could be used by malicious hackers to take control of systems using the popular open source operating system.

Build security processes into your communication

A company's major risks used to be its reputation and financial loss. Nick Galletto, partner with Deloitte Security Services,

Making sure your defences keep pace

Unless you own a car dealership or hold an executive position with Amazon.com, you're probably going with "B," right?

Security spending booms in N.A.

Small, medium, and large organizations in North America are increasing their spending on security products and services over the next few years to the extent that end-user expenditures will grow 78 per cent between 2003 and 2007, from US$4.5 billion to $8 billion, according to a study released last fall by San Jose-based Infonetics Research, Inc. Titled User Plans for Security Products and Services, North America 2003, the study covers security products, security services and PKI.

Starbucks serves security with customer service

People often talk about embedding the practice of security into the business processes of an enterprise. Francis D'Addario, the CSO of Starbucks Corp. in Seattle, Wash., has taken that notion one step further. D'Addario's Partner and Asset Protection group literally steeps in the Starbucks culture and philosophy.

Mitnick offers cash for hacking tales

Noted computer hacker Kevin Mitnick is offering cash in exchange for tales of hacking escapades to fill a new book he is writing for publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Experts: MS tweaks, new laws won’t make 2004 safer

For computer security experts, 2003 started with the Slammer Internet worm and went downhill from there. The year, which included four major worm and virus outbreaks just in August, has been labelled the "year of the worm" and "the worst year ever" by more than one computer security expert.

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Experts say that training can reduce security incidents by anywhere from 45% to 70%. "We asked ourselves why security training couldn't be fun as well as informative." IT World Canada and it's creative arm, Amazing! Agency have created some training materials which actually make security training engaging and interesting. Each unit starts with a fun video or interactive game and let's you get the interest of the group....

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