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ITWC partners with SoftwareReviews.com – because buying enterprise software should be more like deciding where to eat for dinner

Whether you're planning where to eat for dinner tonight, selecting which movie you're going to watch this weekend with friends, or buying an instant...

RSA Conference 2019 keynotes: Protect trust, the bad in AI and embrace OT

Opening day keynotes looked at the future of digital trust, the good and the bad in AI and how IT infosec pros can help OT counterparts

It’s not too late to build a Canadian advantage in technology

Once again, Canada seems to see its future as a branch-plant economy. This time it is in the digital world, where we are turning...

Hashtag Trending – Data Privacy Day tips; Windows 10 hogs hard drive; Samsung ditches plastic packaging

How to lie and cheat your way to better online privacy; Windows 10 is going to hog more of your disk space, and Samsung makes a commitment to do something good for the environment.

What’s ahead for Sidewalk Labs development in 2019?

OPINION It is now possible that the Sidewalk Labs - Waterfront Toronto partnership intended to play a key role in the development of more than...

HashTag Trending – faster phones; notch no more; and maybe even 5G

More cameras, less notch, the year of 5G, and super-charged phones turns foldable. It’s all the tech news that we predict will be trending in...

Why we can’t ignore the ‘Save PIAC’ campaign

In a world where the giants of Silicon Valley insist on watching us, we need to make sure we're watching them right back. If 2018...

HashTag Trending – Canadians get more spammed calls; Microsoft releases fixed updates; Nvidia AI generates realistic faces

Spam calls are on the rise in Canada; Microsoft releases Windows 10 October update again; Nvidia’s new AI generates crazy realistic faces.

HashTag Trending: 3D Printed head fools face sign-in; Google expands in NYC; Apple circumvents injunction

3D printed head can bypass face sign-in on Android; Google invests $1 billion in NYC headquarter; Apple updates software to circumvent Qualcomm injunction

HashTag Trending – Huawei CFO granted bail; Gaming is hot in 2018; China bans iPhone sales

Trending on LinkedIn, Huawei CFO Meng WanZhou was released on a $10 million dollar bail, 7.5 million of which was paid in cash. According...

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