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Hundreds of thousands of applications at risk from unpatched Python bug, say researchers

Python has warned developers about the 15-year-old vulnerability, which could allow an attacker to gain code execution from an arbitrary file write

What happened with CentOS will not happen with Rocky Linux: Kurtzer

Gregory Kurtzer, who founded and once led the former open-source project CentOS Linux as well as The cAos Foundation, the organization where early development...

Google expands bug bounty program to cover GitHub and other open source projects

Additions cover Google APIs, Golang, Angular, Fuchsia and more

Malicious modules found in NPM library were downloaded thousands of times

Researchers at ReversingLabs warn of what they call a co-ordinated supply chain attack

Strata Identity launches open-source project enabling multi-cloud access policy management for organizations

New open-source standard launched by U.S.-based Identity Orchestration for multi-cloud company will unify incompatible cloud identity systems for organizations

Student wins national competition for social media tool aimed at reducing misinformation

Arvin Jagayat, a psychology student at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), has received an award for his efforts to reduce the spread of...

Open-source software community releases plan to boost application security

Under pressure after the discovery of several open source vulnerabilities including Log4Shell, leading open-source groups and software firms have created a 10-point plan for...

Red Hat announces 2022 Innovation Award winners

Red Hat announced the winner of the 2022 Innovator of the Year award during its Red Hat Summit this week. For the 16th year, the...

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