Three steps to change your habits for success

“The secret of the future is hidden in our daily routine,” says Vicki Bradley, Executive Coach with Vicki Bradley & Company, and if sales...

North’s Focals to shut down a month after its acquisition by Google

A month after getting acquired by Google, North Focals announced today that it's "winding down" its smart glasses product and the Focals app. North also...

Tom’s Thoughts – What Canadians will be missing without the Microsoft Store

Ten years after it opened its doors in 2009, Microsoft recently announced that several Microsoft Stores are shutting down, including all seven in Canada,...

New channel market data provides clues for navigating the rough road ahead

Growth in Canadian channel revenue in the first five months of 2020 is keeping pace with the same period in the last few years....

SAP CEO says outsourcing event platform ‘not the best decision’ after Sapphire technical glitches

Despite a rocky start that prevented many from tuning in on the first day, SAP's online Sapphire Now Reimagined still managed to attract 200,000 visitors, five times last year's in-person attendance in Orlando, according to chief executive officer Christian Klein, and more than one million views.

The secret to closing more deals? Open your mind

The right mindset is a secret weapon that sales and marketing professionals too often overlook, according to a top Canadian executive coach. Vicki Bradley spent...

Sales and Marketing in the age of COVID-19: Not business as usual

Can you still make a sales pitch in the era of COVID-19?  Should the message be different? “This is new territory for sales and marketing,”...

Sales vs. Marketing: Why can’t we be friends?

This might be a good time to work out a truce in the age-old battle between sales and marketing. There are a series of myths...

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5 challenges when going to a headless CMS

Headless CMS is a trendy and modern marketing technology solution – but will it solve all your content problems? Every company will have different needs and goals when implementing a content management system, here we explore 5 challenges to making the change.