Everest climbs into hospitality market

In an effort to attack what it sees to be a relatively untapped ...


Looking to give users an easier way to distribute Web content, Cache device maker CacheFlow has debuted...

PCCW makes first Japan broadband play

Targeting the Japanese broadband market and looking to acquire Japanese content, Hong Kong's Pacificn Century CyberWorks Ltd. (PCCW) said Thursday it plans to launch a takeover bid for Jaleco Ltd., a Japanesen entertainment software producer. The content PCCW wants to acquire includes television shows, drama, pop music,n cartoons and for digital television and PC brought to the viewers by broadband.

Less is more

The well-known message to Internet start-ups is to get on-line quickly and add the spice later. That...

High-speed circuit also saves power

A new high-speed computer circuit from IBM is leaving the closest competitors in the dust. The new circuit has tested at speeds almost five times faster than other top-speed chips.

Application, heal thyself

The Windows Installer in Windows 2000 doesn't guarantee users an escape from "DLL Hell," but early users...

Press Any Key

It takes 10 minutes in the comfort of your home…to make a purchase, but it still takes ...

With a new CEO, it

To those people who have been bashing Compaq Computer Corp. and dourly predicting its demise, I have one thing to say: Get a life! Compaq isn

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