Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Cyber Security Today: Samsung’s IoT hub hacked; 10 years of automotive data compromised; Why Twitter won’t let you call yourself ‘Elon Musk’

Vulnerabilities have been discovered in Samsung's IoT software. A robotics supplier's poor security exposed 10 years of sensitive data from automotive and other manufacturers....

BlackBerry’s chief security officer on how to secure emerging auto tech

BlackBerry is reshaping its brand around the automotive industry, using its expertise in building secure systems to do so. We hear how the CSO approaches security for connected cars.

New BlackBerry product brings virtualization to your car

BlackBerry is partnering with a Japanese firm to bring its QNX Hypervisor to car cockpits of the future.

Small company looks to scale big with cloud storage

Montreal-based startup has a small IT team, but its online product offering requires enterprise-grade storage and capabilities

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