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SOTI launches SOTI Aerospace in collaboration with Ryerson University

Business mobility and IoT firm SOTI today announced a $20 million investment in Canada’s technology ecosystem to fund its new aerospace division, SOTI Aerospace, in the country.

Coffee Briefing, November 13, 2020 – MFA tips from Microsoft, news from OVHcloud and Google, and a new privacy bill

MFA warning from Microsoft, news from OVHcloud and Google, and ISED is set to enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act.

OpenText’s digital forensics software solutions now available on Microsoft Azure

OpenText EnCase Forensic and EnCase Endpoint Investigator are now certified on Microsoft Azure, the company announced earlier this week at OpenText Enfuse On Air 2020. 

Quebec firm gets $160,000 to develop ICS risk framework for energy sector

A Quebec-based consulting engineering firm has been awarded $160,000 to develop a model to help protect industrial control systems (ICS) of Canadian energy companies from cyber attacks.

Workflow management apps, like Montreal’s Unito, see spike in new signups

COVID-19 has disrupted workflows and processes that are helping run organizations around the world, and enterprises are turning to SaaS apps like Unito to create clarity out of the chaos.

Digital skills and responsible cloud spending part of Microsoft’s Canada Skills Program curriculum

Microsoft Canada recently announced the launch of its Canada Skills Program in 12 post-secondary institutions this fall in hopes of enhancing data and AI skills and employability for more than 4,500 Canadian students.

A peek behind the curtain at international cybersecurity threats 

Business owners and government CISOs face an astonishing array of cyber threats as they protect their organizations against fraud, data theft, and ransomware attacks. ...

Microsoft introduces Dataflex low-code platform for Teams

Microsoft today announced the availability of Microsoft Dataflex, a low-code data platform built directly into Microsoft Teams.

Digital Transformation Week 2020 – Day 2 recap

A recap of Day 2 at ITWC's Digital Transformation Week.

Digital Transformation Week 2020: Telus says offloading 4.1M support calls to AI improves customer and employee satisfaction

Service quality and customer support go hand-in-hand when it comes to customer service. For Telus, one of Canada’s largest mobile carriers, digitally transforming the...

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