IP Infusion Inc. announced this week it plans to ship a Linux-based server designed to thwart hackers’ attempts to hijack Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) communications.


ZebOS Internet Route Server, which is aimed at service providers, includes a configured server that operators can use to view routes, monitor and track Internet exchanges.


Sunnyvale, Calif.-based IP Infusion, which is owned by Access Co. Ltd. of Tokyo, said with BGP hijacking, illegal routing information can be distributed – due to attacks or errors – and cause traffic to be routed to the wrong gateway.


The vendor said ZebOS Internet Route Server supports a BGP view for multiple clients, allowing network operators to group BGP peers absed on requirments and assign “unified policies” for inbound and outbound traffic.


IP Infusion’s other products include Advanced Routing Suite, AIS Network Platform and ZebOS Network Platform. Earlier this year the firm released version 7.7 of ZebOS Network Platform, which is designed to help carriers reduce the cost per bit of their services. That product supports carrier Ethernet, multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) and Open Service Availability Framework (OpenSAF), an open source network middleware project that uses code originally developed by Emerson Network Power.