Your last Facebook warning

Published: May 28th, 2009

Apparently, some people just don’t learn.

We’ve told you about the Aussie who was disciplined after he called in sick and posted his hangover on his Facebook status line.And you must have heard the tale of Cisco Fatty, so named for herTwitter posting in which she said she had to weigh a lucrative Ciscojob offering against the long commute and (hating the work.” (Her tale,and many others, can be found in this Steep Incline blog posting on career-limiting tweets.)

Yet, despite the public-service cautionary tales we’ve told, peoplethe world over persist in making their own lives more difficult throughsocial media.

Our next tale comes from South Africa and contains language that some may find offensive (but most will find hilarious).

The American Foreign Press reportsthat a 23-year-old clothing factory worker in Durban was dismissedafter calling his boss a “serial masturbator” in a Facebook posting.


For those of you who haven’t been paying attention: It’s theInternet. Everyone can read your posts. That includes your boss, yourwife/husband, your parole officer … EVERYONE. Conduct yourselfaccordingly.

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