Sat Orbiter Locator 2.00

Developer: Survivorsoft

Price: $2.99 (trial)

Nice graphics and an interesting concept that is initially amusing until you start wondering whether you are being duped. The app is supposed to tell you the real-time trajectory of certain spatial objects. It indicated, for instance, the precise latitudinal and longitudinal position of the Mars exploration rovers, Opportunity and Spirit. It also showed the International Space Station floating somewhere over the Middle East, that the Cassini spacecraft has now travelled 3,418 billion kilometres, and the Hubble telescope is just passing over South Asia at an altitude of 553 kilometres. And let’s not forget the location of the next asteroid that will impact Earth, which of course, is not available in this trial version. While amusing, this information, even if it had been accurate, is not tangible enough to be useful to the average mobile user.

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