Much is anticipated for Windows 7

Much is anticipated for Windows 7

Microsoft is finally releasing its test software faster than the torrent sites out there.

The company announced via its Partners page plans to launch asemi-public distribution of the release candidate to MSDN/TechNetcustomers. This is going to take place by May 5th.

Microsoft has much riding on Windows 7.

For one thing, it was the company’s quarterly results.
Here’s some scary news about Microsoft: for the first time in 23 years, both revenue and earnings dropped.

PC sales are falling. Revenue is declining as a result. That is expected.

Second is Netbooks. Microsoft earns next to nothing when XP is included on Netbooks. Thus netbooks are a mixed blessing.

Will Windows 7 succeed or fail? One thing is certain. It won’t belike Vista. Another thing is certain. The RC (Release Candidate) isavailable now so it’s time to test-drive 7.

Release Candidate Download Info:…

This Windows 7 RC comes at a pivotal time. Ubuntu released another version recently. For Ubuntu fans, Ubuntu v9.04 was released.

MSFT holdings Disclosure Illustrated on KaChing.