Why ITWorldCanada.com is worth it

Published: November 9th, 2010
Our content is free, but that doesn't mean you get it for nothing.
We ask a fair bit from the people who register with us — lots  of information about where you work, what you do and so on. We do this because we feel that the more we know, the better we'll be able to tailor the kinds of stories we write or the videos we produce or the events we stage to what's relevant to the enterprise IT community.
As part of a revamp to our subscription signup process that's still underway, I made the following welcome message to our newest members. I try to outline what we offer and how they can take advantage of our resources. Although this was intended for people who may be unfamiliar with us, it occurred to me that there might be some other people who have long been a part of our audience who aren't aware of our breadth of publications and services. Here it is, in under two minutes. Enjoy.

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