Who says Wikia Search isn’t working?

Published: January 7th, 2008

Wikia launched its user-generated alternative to Google on Monday, and writers from TechCrunch and others were quick to heap criticism on its effectiveness as a research tool. The scathing reviews were nearly outdone by Wikia itself, which posted a message on its “About Us” page admitting (in boldface type for those who might miss it), “we are aware the quality of the search results is low.”

Shark Tales, however, isn’t so quick to judge. We did our own product review using a completely random search term such as “sex” and found more than 210,000 results! Sure, the first URL for a company called sex-telephone.net appears to be in Arabic, and the Sex Pistols come up a bit too early for our tastes, but Bob’s Free Sex Porn Pics appears right in the first page of links. Com’on, people, give this algorithm a chance!

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