My wife is taking a course this summer, but for me this is not a season to be studying. Even if I were so inclined, I don’t think I’d be too quick to sign up for an IT security course that teaches you the basics of ethical hacking.

Proving that you can now get a Master’s degree in nearly everything, an industry group called the EC-Council has launched a Master’s in Security Science, a proram which includes so-called “ethical hacking.” This is not far removed from courses launched a few years ago at the University of Calgary in how to write malware.

As useful as this kind of education could be, it’s kind of ironic that most kids teach themselves how to write computer virus or DNS attack while grown-ups with industry experience shell out for tuition fees on how to reverse-engineer their efforts. Maybe once these kids grow up they’ll be able to neatly make the transition from hacker to university professor. At which point the lunatics will truly be running the asylum.

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