According to our friends at U.K. tech site The Register, pilots have been warned that GPS signals along the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. may be “unreliable or unavailable” for the next month, as the U.S. military performs unspecified testing.
Signals will be affected in a several hundred mile radius centred off the east coast of Florida. Similar disruptions will take place centred in southern California.
Well, after all, it *is* their system. Still, the public at large has come to be very reliant on GPS for driving directions, finding restaraunts, tracking errant spouses, etc. And it almost smacks of maybe the U.S. military doesn't *want* you to know where you are.
In the mean time, expect to hear of cars led over cliffs by inaccurate turn-by-turn directions and inexplicably heavy traffic at greasy spoons several metres away from popular restaurants.
What other consequences could result? And why is the U.S. military doing this? Feel free to conspiracy theorize in the comment box below.

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