The stress brought on by the recession would lead anyone to start chain-smoking, but thanks to Brussels, Belgium-based SuperSmoker, we can all inhale without lethal consequences.

Described as “a smokeless nicotine delivery device,” the SuperSmoker includes a rechargeable battery, nicotine gel vaporizing atomizer, replaceable cartridge that looks and, according to the company, “feels like a real cigarette. The device gives off a vapor that looks like smoke, but has none of the risks associated with second hand smoke. In efforts to ensure the Blue is not mistaken for an actual cigarette, the tip of Blue is bedazzled with a crystal gem that shines a bright blue when the user inhales.” Talk about cloud computing!

Not to be a drag, but we'd suggest that SuperSmoker users still stand a good five yards or so away from the entrance to any building. Not because of the potential for smoke inhallation. Just because we think you're weird.