Ah, the pre-conference keynote entertainment. As any veteran conference goer knows, often hit or miss. I remember one company CEO who always saw his user conferences as a chance to play his saxaphone for a captive audience. On the plus side, his riff about how a good jazz band requires great process management was always entertaining. I remember another keynote where a semi-popular entertainer asked for IT buzz words from the crowd, and worked them into an impromptu ramp. It's amazing how much rhymes with SOA. And how thankful I can be some times for the distractions of WiFi.
At HP's Software Universe conference this week in National Harbor, Maryland outside Washington, DC, the keynote warm-up act was a re-write of Young MC's hit Bust a Move, but with lyrics about IT management. It was so cheesy, I just had to share:


So, did that make you want to bust a move, or did it make you want to ensure your children don't study the liberal arts in university? And what was your favourite, or least favourite, conference keynote performance?
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