As of 4:43PM EST, appears to be unavailable and is now resolving to a blank page with the Weblogsinc site showing as in below: 
Won't be long before that server is down….will be interesting to hear the “story” behind this one.  Another DNS hack? Bizarre.
Back in 2009 when I wrote the post Twitter Is Down – Our Voices Are Silenced, it seemed like a bigger deal when Twitter was not available.  Now there just seem to be more options out there – how about you? Is Twitter being down right now impacting you? Probably helps that it's almost 5:00PM on a Friday with the weekend ahead….
I wonder how long it will take before the weblogsinc servers go down next? 
Update: 4:58PM EDT – Issue appears to have resolved itself. Wondering whether this was localized to the Cardoso infrastructure as I can't seem to locate any chatter about it.  Drop me a line if you have had a similar experience of late.  Also finding some odd things happening now that I am running Chrome 5.0….anyone else finding that Chrome seems to CRASH more often now? Also finding that CPU/HDD drive activity spikes and churns for periods of 30 seconds to a minute from time to time – eventually browser comes back but in the meantime, Chrome is locked up tight….Maybe I'll go pull down the latest Google Chrome 6.0.422 Dev or Chrome 5.0.375.70 Beta….