Websense Inc. has added technology that filters spam from user generated content, announcing it has bought Montreal-based Defensio, a two-year-old blog spam fighting company that claims 99.7 per cent accuracy.

In a blog posting, Websense CTO Dan Hubbard says in this blog posting that a higher proportion of Web spam is “truly nefarious” than that of e-mail spam, with five to eight per cent linked to malware. More than 95 per cent of comment content posted to blogs is unwanted, he writes.

Websense launched its ThreatSeeker Network in March, which uses 50 million real-time data collecting systems to parse one billion pieces of Web, messagin and data content each day and assign reputation and status reports to two million dpmains, networks and IP addresses an hour, the company claims.

Hubbard says Websense will be building some of its own security analysis and intelligence into Defensio, which he calls an “already stellar platform.”

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