After a series of lectures and discussions on environmental sustainability at WBM Office System’s Event for Change in Saskatoon, we sat down with two WBM clients who shared their print optimization stories.

Print optimization can lead to savings around 30 per cent through reduced toner costs and energy consumption. For highlights from the event, watch “How WBM Systems is making the print optimization pitch.”

Meet Kent Barnes, IT operations lead for AMEC’s Saskatoon office, who offered a run-down on the cost savings his engineering consulting firm experienced with new printers from HP.

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Length: approx. 2 minutes

Francine Senecal-Lepage, senior manager of corporate resources at Saskatoon-based International Road Dynamics, spontaneously summed up how and why print optimization with HP Edgeline technology worked for IRD.

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Length: approx. 2 minutes